A Roman Catholic Priest in Africa
Administration Staffing As of 2003, Attat Hospital had 171 staff members; of these 5 were expatriates, 13 trainees and 3 medical officers seconded.  The breakdown of the staff is as follows: •	Medical staff (6) •	Public Health/Clinics (34) •	Business Office (12) •	OR/Dental/Central Sup (12) •	Pharmacy (9) •	Administration/House Keeping/Main (32) •	Ward/Obs. Services (36) •	Laboratory (7) •	Out Patient Department (23) Building and Equipment Attat hospital buildings and staff housing are in good condition. Getche clinic and the tukul had major repairs. The electricity supply has been reliable for the most part of the year. All three 30 KVA generators are in good working conditions, and have regular preventive maintenance. Transport Four of the vehicles are in rather good conditions, with regular maintenance. The Land Cruiser Pick-up is used for maintenance of safe water sires and the Land Cruiser Station Wagon for the Mobile Immunization Program. The Minibus is used to bring supplies from Addis Ababa. The Toyota Stout and Land Cruiser hard top provide back up. Helix pick-up is out of use, and it will be handed-over to Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat. Finance Operating Income The operating income was ETB 4,444,537 (US$ 522,886 @ 8.5 exchange rate). Sixty-one percent (61%) came from the patient fees. Out of the patient fees, Seventy-five percent (75%) was received as cash, and twenty-five percent (25%) was given as free treatment. Thirty-seven percent (37%) came from offshore and private donors, out of these fourteen percent (14%) donations for Public Health activities and for drilling wells, and Twenty-three percent (23%) general donation and three percent (3%) from Getche, Dakuna, and other villages. Operating Expenses Operating expenses, for the year 2003 were ETB 4,537,571 (US$ 533,831 @ 8.5 exchange rate). Salaries, staff education and other staff benefits accounted for thirty-nine percent (39%) of the operating expenses; Medical surgical supplies twenty-three percent (23%); three percent (3%) for Getche and Dakuna clinics; three percent (3%) for Public Health activities; fifteen percent (15%) for free care, four percent (4%) for Administrative expenses and other supplies; and six percent (6%) for fuel and transport maintenance. For capital items fresh water wells eight percent (8%). Capital Input Capital expenditures in 2003 consisted of a Mobile Operating Light and an Operating Table from Germany, One distiller, three Solar water heaters for the hospital wards and delivery room. Drilling of wells was in progress in 2003. Home Videogallery Biography Churches Schools Hospitals Transport Family News Administration Contact
His father Markos Kersa
His uncle Haile Kersa
His sister Tereza Markos
His sister Maria Markos (a Catholic nun) 
Abba Francois Markos A Great Humanitarian & Educator
Abba Francois Markos
Abba François had 3 siblings, Alemu, Desta and Tereza. Alemu died in 1923, the same year his father died from ‘tessebo’ (Typhus disease). His sister, Desta became a Roman Catholic Nun and acquired the name Sister Maria Markos. Sister Maria died in her youth, after serving as a nun. Tereza Markos got married to Ato Wolde Yohannes Tekle-Mariam and had 12 children, and 18 grandchildren as of 2004.
1910 - 1989
His Family
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