A Roman Catholic Priest in Africa
As a Roman Catholic Priest the primary apostolic missions of Abba François was to spread the teachings of Jesus Christ. To reach more people he encouraged and assisted various communities to build more prayer chapels and churches through out Gurage land. He regularly visited these churches and did oversee their reparation and maintenance. He managed to do this from the home base Parish Church Saint Antonios, which was located in Indibir, Cheha Wereda (district). In the early 1950's, under Saint Antonios Parish Church were a boarding school for Boys, primary school (Grade 1 to 3), and a boarding school for Girls run by the Catholic nuns.   
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His father Markos Kersa
His uncle Haile Kersa
His sister Tereza Markos
His sister Maria Markos (a Catholic nun) 
Abba Francois Markos A Great Humanitarian & Educator
Abba Francois Markos
Abba François had 3 siblings, Alemu, Desta and Tereza. Alemu died in 1923, the same year his father died from ‘tessebo’ (Typhus disease). His sister, Desta became a Roman Catholic Nun and acquired the name Sister Maria Markos. Sister Maria died in her youth, after serving as a nun. Tereza Markos got married to Ato Wolde Yohannes Tekle-Mariam and had 12 children, and 18 grandchildren as of 2004.
1910 - 1989
His Family
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