A Roman Catholic Priest in Africa
The Attat Hospital Integrated Service is located 187 Kms. South west of Addis Ababa along the Jimma Road in the Southern Region of Ethiopia, Gurage Zone, and Cheha Woreda. The service has been operative since 1969. The service is owned by the Ethiopian Catholic Church and is managed by Medical Mission Sisters, an International Religious Congregation. Gurage Zone is a densely populated, rural area with approximately 359 to 400 inhabitants per square kilometer. Attat Hospital was one of Abba Francois' long time dream which materialized during his life time. In the early days basic nursing services were provided by the nuns at the Saint Antonios' Sisters Mission in Indibir.  Today, the community health activities are many and varied, covering a whole range of activities and services overseen by the 'Integrated Health & Development Program of Attat Hospital.' Hospital Program The "Integrated Health & Development Program of Attat Hospital"  include: Women's Groups (28 Groups with 2,478 women involved) Community Health Agent (CHA) and TBA Training & Supervision Water & Sanitation (124 Safe water sites, pit latrines in use 2,573) Village First Aid Stations 33 Hospital based activities Village development committees
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His father Markos Kersa
His uncle Haile Kersa
His sister Tereza Markos
His sister Maria Markos (a Catholic nun) 
Abba Francois Markos A Great Humanitarian & Educator
Abba Francois Markos
Abba François had 3 siblings, Alemu, Desta and Tereza. Alemu died in 1923, the same year his father died from ‘tessebo’ (Typhus disease). His sister, Desta became a Roman Catholic Nun and acquired the name Sister Maria Markos. Sister Maria died in her youth, after serving as a nun. Tereza Markos got married to Ato Wolde Yohannes Tekle-Mariam and had 12 children, and 18 grandchildren as of 2004.
1910 - 1989
His Family
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