A Roman Catholic Priest in Africa
In 1942 with the help of the Ethiopian government, Abba François Markos was able to establish a temporary Primary school on Saint Antonios Catholic Mission ground. The name of the School was Haile Selassie I Primary School. The Ethiopian Ministry of Education appointed Abba François as Supervisor for all the primary schools in the sub-Weredas of 'Sebaat Bet Gurage' region reporting to Ato Seyoum Wolde-Meskel, the Director for all schools in all the Weredas of the region. From time to time Abba François used to enjoy teaching mathematics. In those early days parents used to resist sending their children to school. They preferred to keep their children at home herding cattle and sheep or assist them in farming inset and coffee. Abba François through regular visit tried to convince them on the importance of education. He enticed the children through gifts of clothing, pencil and copybooks. Abba François also provided boarding facility to quiet a few young boys at the Saint Antonios Mission ground for those who lived too far from the school area. Similar boarding facility was availed to young girls at the Catholic nuns monastery, which was located a short distance from the Saint Antonios Church. The girls attended public school most of the day and at the monastery they were taught home-economics, which involved preparing food, making dresses, and how to raise children. Getting teachers from Addis Ababa, who were willing to go to remote regions without rental accommodation and food supplies for purchase, was not an easy task. Abba François helped a great deal by providing temporary accommodation, during the initial adjustment period, for the national and international teachers who came to teach in Indibir. Today there are primary and secondary schools spread out all over the Gurague Region.
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His father Markos Kersa
His uncle Haile Kersa
His sister Tereza Markos
His sister Maria Markos (a Catholic nun) 
Abba Francois Markos A Great Humanitarian & Educator
Abba Francois Markos
Abba François had 3 siblings, Alemu, Desta and Tereza. Alemu died in 1923, the same year his father died from ‘tessebo’ (Typhus disease). His sister, Desta became a Roman Catholic Nun and acquired the name Sister Maria Markos. Sister Maria died in her youth, after serving as a nun. Tereza Markos got married to Ato Wolde Yohannes Tekle-Mariam and had 12 children, and 18 grandchildren as of 2004.
1910 - 1989
His Family
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